Tuesday evenings:  6pm – 8pm | 16 May-4 July 2017

Led by experienced psychotherapist and tutor Martin Crook

This popular six-week course will bring out the real you and help find your voice.  You will learn ways to express yourself more confidently, build self-esteem and overcome what’s holding you back. The curriculum will take you through understanding the causes of your feelings, and techniques that can be used to ensure you are understood. There is time – and this is a much valued aspect of this course –  for attendees to discuss their own concerns and share experiences with others.

This course was initially piloted through funds provided by the Stevenage Community Trust. Here are some of the comments from the attendees:

“I have become more assertive and instead of letting something niggle away, I have spoken to the person that has upset me and solved the issue.”

“This course has made such a difference as I have felt very confident and happy within myself!! I AM OKAY!”

“I feel much more comfortable with myself and that I don’t need to change who I am.”

“I am more in tune with communication with my partner which helps me to understand others.”

“I listen more and hope to use the tools I have been given.”

What to expect

  • Explore​ the root causes of how you feel ​
  • ​ ​Discover how to alter your “inner messages” to turn failure into success​
  • Discover what you want from relationships​ ​
  • Learn to know, trust and build a ‘healthy self’ and become self sufficient.
  • ​Explore your feelings through discussion and sharing of others’ experiences


The workshop will involve a combination of
informal learning and group discussion

Suitable for:

Anyone over 18 with feelings of low confidence or anyone who simply wants to boost their confidence for social or career reasons.

Venue: Springfield House Community Centre, 24 High Street, Stevenage, SG1 3EJ

Enquiries: Please email or phone 01438 357775

Cost £225​