Research has shown that one in five of will take a day off work due to stress.

Stress is the leading cause of employee absence in the UK with 13.3 million days lost annually and costing the British Economy £26 billion or an average of £1,035 per employee per year.

Last year to mark its 25 anniversary World Mental Health Day 2017 focused its attention to mental health in the workplace and the value of promoting well-being in work settings of all kinds, from agriculture to industry, finance, government, technology, and beyond. Mental health is often neglected as a key aspect of employees’ overall health, yet the World Health Organization points out that depression heads the list of causes of illness and disability worldwide.

According to MIND:

  • Ill mental health in the UK costs £26 Billion
  • 1 in 5 people take a day off work due to stress
  • 1 in 10 people have resigned a job due to stress, 1 in 4 have thought about it.
  • 19% of staff feel they can’t speak to managers about stress at work.
  • 25% of people we surveyed considered resigning due to stress.

Employees resigning as a result of stress and demotivation can be a loss of valuable skills and experience for your business. This impact affects the quality of work in your surroundings and can create a difficult working environment.

Established in 1974, The Counselling Foundation has been partnering with local organisations in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire offering an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help reduce workplace stress and improve wellbeing.   We are helping employers work towards change and how they think and act about mental health in the workplace.

We have strong credibility to support the needs of local businesses, being both a growing and lead provider in counselling and training in the South East. During 2017 we will deliver over 25,000 counselling sessions at eight sites and provide training to over 300 people.

We have a number of services for businesses to utilise for staff and managers in order to promote positive employee mental health.  Our EAP service is made up of eight private counselling sessions at £55 per session with a fully qualified counsellor.   Each session lasts 50 minutes.


Counselling Referrals:

The provision of short term counselling for employees is a core component of an organisation’s risk and absence management strategy and a versatile resource for managers and HR professionals. We believe that effective and speedy professional support for employees helps managers fulfil their duty of care as well as helping individuals.

The Counselling Foundation offers ad hoc referrals for counselling which are especially helpful following critical incidents, workplace trauma, performance issues and personal concerns that impact on employees’ wellbeing.

Benefits are wide ranging and employees:

  • Are likely to experience reduced sickness absence
  • Feel more able to manage their personal response to emotional difficulties
  • Will learn coping strategies that will support them in the short and long term
  • Help them in their work and home life

You can speak to us directly to discuss a referral, we offer:

  • Short term confidential counselling (eight weekly sessions) away from the workplace in one of our locations
  • Or an initial assessment and referral which means we will assess the employee and recommend a number of sessions to you for approval
  • Cost effective service, sessions are charged at a flat fee of £55 per session per employee
  • Staff can be seen for an assessment within two weeks of enquiry

Support for Managers:

Managers face difficult situations every day, such as delivering performance reviews, making staff redundant, resolving workplace conflict, breaking bad news and dealing with employees who may be experiencing addiction problems or coping with bereavement.


  • Support managers through the process of addressing mental health issues within their teams, including referrals for counselling and consultancy related to longer term care
  • Access The Counselling Foundation’s Managerial Support Helpline to discuss sensitive situations with our senior clinicians, enabling managers to make more informed decisions
  • Speak to a professional clinician within two working days of initial enquiry


The Counselling Foundation can help organisations get the very best out of their people with a variety of services; from fresh and creative well-being workshops to powerful stress and trauma awareness programmes. Our training can be completely tailored to your organisation and staff needs, for a bespoke quote please contact us on the details below.


In addition, we can provide leaflets and information for staff should they wish to self-refer into our open-ended counselling service at their own cost.

For queries, to arrange a staff support consultation, or if you would like more information please contact us:

01727 86 85 85 (ex 113)  |