Funding is only available for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses as these are BACP accredited and meet funding eligibility. Unfortunately the Introduction to Counselling course and Foundation Certificate do not meet these requirements due to the duration of these courses, however you might be able to speak to your employer about being sponsored if your course is work related.

Adult Learning Grants:
Learner Support Helpline: 0800 121 8989 – Lines open: Monday to Friday 7am-8pm

ALG provides help towards travel, study materials or other costs that might be
incurred whilst studying. Subjects available range from; business to construction, science to hairdressing, and childcare to publishing.


Career Development Loans:
Next Step: 0800 100 900

A Professional and Career Development Loan can help with: Course Fees (up to 80% of the total, or up to 100% if applicants have been unemployed for three months). Other course costs, like books, travel and childcare. Living expenses such as rent, food and clothing (if unemployed or working less than 30 hours per week). Any amount from £300 to £10,000 can be borrowed.

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC):
Tel: 01793 413000

The ESRC provides a range of grants.


 Secondment by Employer:

People who are seconded take the majority of places on full time courses on full salary. Course fees are usually paid by the employer and possibly, in addition, travelling and accommodation allowances. Local Education Authorities second the largest number of students. Teachers intending to apply for secondment need to ascertain their LEA’s policy about conditions, eligibility and courses favoured.

Other employers in the public and private sectors may consider paying the fees for an employee to undertake a part time course, if the employee can show that the course would be of benefit in his/her work.


24+ Advanced Learning Loans

The Counselling Foundation Training Centre is not a provider for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. The loan is usually available from formal colleges/universities. As an independent Training Centre, we are not currently eligible to be a provider for the 24+ loan.